Founder & Organizer

photo: South Bend Tribune – Robert Franklin


A husband of twenty-years and a father of a high school senior, Eric Johnson is a 6th Grade Teacher at LaSalle Elementary for the School City of Mishawaka Public School District. As a writer and blogger, his focus is on “the good”, sharing classroom tested instructional practices and innovative technology that enhances student learning. Eric frequently presents Ed-Tech tools and solutions to educator groups and conferences around and outside of Indiana. An advocate of social media to discover, share, and collaborate with innovative colleagues from around the world. Named to the inaugural cohort of TED-Ed Innovative Educators, a global group of educators that collaborated on innovative and inspiring projects over the course of their year together. Part of the TED-Ed Community, Eric attended and hosted a community session at this Sumer’s TED Summit held in Banff, Alberta. He wears socks with his sandals. Find him on Twitter @YourKidsTeacher

Founder of the non-profit,, his organization seeks to help students make the connection between the choices they make and the world they leave behind by asking “How do you want to be remembered?”‘s 2016 fall events include:

  • “Worldwide Erase Meanness Pledge Day” (9/16), which asks students to take action to help make the world a kinder place.
  • Community-wide screening of “Happy”
  • Co-sponsoring a Cyclocross Race (Northern, IN) with Run-Up promotions.


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