Thanks for a great day!

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What a tremendous day of learning! It was great to have so many diverse voices and perspectives at this year’s inaugural Edcamp Michiana. We hope you’ll agree that the day was a productive one and that devoting a precious Saturday morning during the school year was a wise choice.

Sure it wasn’t perfect, we learned some things on this first time effort that we will make better for next year’s Edcamp Michiana, but overall we’re pleased with how it went.  Thanks to all of the attendees who took the time to fill out the feedback survey, we appreciate it.

We haven’t decided on a date for next year yet. There are three straight ND home games in September for 2016. The September 3rd date seems too early in the school year and October 1st seems too late to hold an Edcamp. Hmmmmm…

Thanks to all of our sponsors, including TechSmith, Fablevision, Sphero, Woot Math, Corwin Press, Ditch That Textbook, Krispy Kreme, and School City of Mishawaka! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Until next year, reach out to us on Twitter @edcampmichiana or email to

See you soon!


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